See, I’ve been in the field of planning and engineering transformational experiences for over 10 years. From organising and chairing conferences of over 1000 delegates with the world’s largest youth organisation, AIESEC, to heading Tribes Dynamics & Local Events at Mindvalley, arguably one of the most dynamic and creative company in the transformational education industry to running my own international summits & masterminds with LifePlugin.

Having discovered this passion, I now consult event businesses in creating immersive experience designs for their events, to take their participants on a transformational adventure; From the content & agenda programming, to designing an emotionally fueled journey, to having the true essence of the brand reflecting in every aspect of the event, to identifying the ideal venue, building a committed & efficient organising team.

If you want to talk to me about planning and engineering your own transformational events, workshops, retreats, and how to make sure they will be educational, meaningful and motivational, and filled with adventures & play, I would love to help you..

If you’re ready to have the conversation that will change the game for your events, I’ll be waiting on the other side of that application.


Apply for a 55-minute call with me so we can get you clear on the next steps into building the transformational experience you are dreaming of delivering to your audience.

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